The Hanoverians that took the field in 1756 were old comrades in arms and devout allies of the King of England; the British and Hanoverians having fought alongside each other in many wars dating back to the Battle of Neerwinden in 1692. Infused with a strong protestant faith they were kindred spririts with the British and Prussians and made, if I may be so bold, of a non too dissimilar substance to their allies.

In 1756 the Hanoverian army was 29, 000 men strong and by far the largest contingent of Britain's allies in North West Germany. Filled with an indomitable fighting spirit the Hanoverians performed well througout the war, despite early setbacks. By the time the war ended the Hanverian army had risen to 44 000 men under arms, many of which were battle hardened veterans.

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An excellent book for inspiration on building and painting your Hanoverian army is Stephen Summerfield's new book called The Hanoverian Amry of the Seven Years War!