Siege Works Studios

Welcome to Siege Works Studios Ltd. We are an Australian company which manufactures historical miniatures ranging from 15mm right through to 28mm for wargaming and modelling. We also design historical wargames rules including Koenig Krieg, Grand Battles Napoleon, Kings Wars, Courage Under Fire and Kingdom's in Crisis. 

Koenig Krieg is our set of 18th century wargames rules designed to re-fight battles in the age of Frederick the Great 1733-1786. Players command a column of between 3-6 brigades. Players may re-fight  battles from the War of Polish Succession (1733-1738),  War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748), Seven Years (1756-63), Bavarian War of Succession (1778-1779) or the American War of Independence (1775-1783). Players can re-create actual battles or fight it out with other Koenig Krieg armies using our large selection of tabletop missions. There are always news challenges in the age of lace and blackpowder! Check out the Koenig Krieg Facebook page for loads of free stuff including over 20 playtest army lists here

Grand Battles Napoleon allows players to command corps of infantry, cavalry and guns during the Napoleonic Wars. It is a Grand tactical game with a unique initiative system and very detailed army lists giving players that very realistic Napoleonic feel, without the poor brain becoming befuddled by complex charts and tables. It is perfect for re-fighting historical battles and we have played many since it was first published including Aspern-Essling, Tolentino, Waterloo, Ligny, Quatre Bras, Wavre, Albuera, Bailen, Lutzen, Dennwitz, Friedland and Saltanovka. Check out the Grand Battles Napoleon Facebook page for heaps of free stuff here.

Kings Wars gives you everything you need to re-fight battles between 1600 and 1900.  Kings Wars is heavily inspired by Koenig Krieg. Players fight small engagements around Brigade size using on average 5-8 units aside. Warfare during this period was constantly evolving and the rules and supplement books reflect this in the detailed army lists and special rules unique to each era. Because of the simple yet elegant mechanics and unique initiative system players will find that with the aid of era specific supplements they can one day re-fight the English Civil War and the next the Franco-Prussian war - obviously not with the same armies! 

Like most wargamers I have armies from multiple eras including the English Civil War, Great Northern War, Seven Years, Napoloenic Wars, American Revolution, Mexican- American War, Amercian Civil War and Zulu Wars. I have always preferred not to have to learn an entirely knew set of wargame rules for each era. With Kings Wars you do not have to. Instead you can spend more time building historically accurate lists and building and painting up your armies, rather than pouring over new rules every five seconds! Great for the Veteran and novice gamer alike, with each turn an explosion of on the edge of your seat action! Please note not yet published will be released hopefully for Salute 2017 through North Star.

Courage Under Fire - "Charge and be damned"! Take charge of your platoon and lead them to victory in our set of 20th century skirmish rules, which focus' heavily on WW2. Do you launch an assault on the machine gun nest, call in artillery support or send in the armoured vehicles against the enemy? With a focus on morale and inititiative the game is not your usual move, shoot and assault set of wargame rules. Combined with the option for narratives to each game, this is a must for all WW2 and Moderns skirmish gamers. (Still in Beta version playtesting)

Kingdoms in Crisis is a set of war game rules for re-creating battles between 3000 BC and 1600 AD with model soldiers. Although the main focus of these rules is historical gaming, there are also rules for converting the game into Fantasy Kingdoms in Crisis by adding Magic, Flyers and Monsters for those that enjoy fighting with Ogres, Dragons, Elves and Goblins.

Re-fighting battles from Antiquity through to the Renaissance is a truly exciting prospect for miniature war gamers. The Chariot and Biblical era, Classical era, Imperial Roman era, Dark Ages, Medieval and Renaissance are all full of colour and variety with so many choices of weaponry and equipment from across the world. Players can fight battles with Sumerians all the way through to the Aztecs using these rules. And while technology changed from era to era, Chariots to Pike, Pike to Pilum and Gladius, Lamellar to Lorica Segmentata armour, Chainmail to Full Plate Mail armour, as well as the invention of the stirrup and the rise of gunpowder, the basic stratagem in all eras and over all continents was to get in close with various hand weapons and hack and slash.    

The keys to playing Kingdoms in Crisis well are to be found in command and control and in the unit capabilities. Not only is command range important but so too is initiative. This game is not You-go-I-go. What that means in a Nutshell is Initiative in a game turn is vital. Players will find that activating troops may pass round by round between both players many times during the turn. This unique initiative system allows players to either get the jump on their opponent or sit and wait for the enemy to reveal his plans. It eliminates the need for written orders or speicalist activation dice, and allows armies to react in progressively finer stages, independently as units, rather than carrying out an entire turns actions as a single group.

The commander who learns to exploit initiative properly will be able to act with his units first when he needs, OR be able to counteract his opponents actions as Alexander the Great did agaisnt poor old King Darius! (Kingdoms in Crisis in still in its Beta version and will not be released before Christmas 2017.

28mm Seven Years War Hanoverians are Siege Works fine detailed range of miniatures for the Seven Years War. Our first release are the 28mm Hanoverians. At the start of the Seven Years War the Hanoverian army was about 25 000 men strong and grew to over 40 000 as the war progressed. Solid professional soldiers with some amazing light troops the Hanoverian army is a good choice for any 18th century gamer. You can seee the range of Miniatures here.