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Welcome to the Front Line, Siege Works Studios front page news! You can quickly browse this news area for new events, new releases, additional retail releases, restocks and much much more. We have just launched so there are soooooo many releases from our favourite manufacturers to be uploaded to the website as well as loads of our own miniatures and rules releases as well, so keep checking as it will all be growing very quickly over the next few weeks.

17/01/17  - 30% off sale on all 28mm SYW Hanoverian, 28mm FIW/WAS/SYW British, French, Austrians and Scots and 25/28mm GNW  Click on the links above for these cheap deals!

07/01/17  - Gents check out our 1815 Battle of Tolentino batrep on face book here

04/10/16  - Who is looking forward to the Battle of Gorss-Beeren re-fight this Saturday. Please RSVP with Drew 0438747886 if you want to come along to the Jomboomba shed groups re-fight of the famous 1813 battle.

26/09/16  - The Jimboomba shed group will be re-fighting the Battle the Gross-Beeren, August 1813 on Saturday the 8th of October, 2016 using Grand Battles Napoleon rules. If you are interested in the event please email us here and we will send you a player pack. Our contact email is 

19/09/16  - Siege Works Studios is looking for shops both in Australia and UK/EU, NZ and USA who are interested in stocking our great range of 28mm Horse and Musket lines.

For shops interested please email here:

19/07/16  - Australian hobby shops looking to sell our books like Grand Battles Napoleon Napoleonic rules and and Parade Handbooks please contact Ian from War and Peace Games as he is our Australian Distributor for our books!  

19/07/16  - WW2 Wartime Miniatures Deals - 20% off all Wartime Miniatures for the next two week. sale ends 31/07/2016, hurry stocks won't last! Go here now

14/07/16  - You can get a bucket load of FREE PDF's now to support Grand Battles Napoleon at our website here Please be aware we manually activate orders so there may be a time zone delay before you can download PDF's. However if you have facebook you can join up and download them automatically from the files here. We recommend everyone grab a free Army list Summary PDF so you can begin playing games immediately, and not have to wait until we print up each of the nations army lists in future supplement books. 

14/07/16  - North Star and Siege Works Studios have teamed up to bring you our books globally through North Stars large distribution network here. Our books will be able to be purchased in all good local hobby shops around the world. If you are a shop and want to stock our books contact North Star here for more information on how to do that.

BRISCON2016 - Come Still some places left for Koenig Krieg players who want to enter last minute, we can provide armies and lists on the day, Tournament is on Saturday 30th or April be there at 8:30am Fight for honor God, King and country! We have loads of playtest lists up on our Official Koenig Krieg Facebook Page 

22/11/15 - New Stock Uploads - Whooooweeee! Wow! Siege Works Studios now has another 1000 products uploaded to the website. Yup! You heard me - crazy! There is still loads to do like add pics and fine tune catagories. But they are all here now. We stock KR Multicases, Gates of Antares, Terminator Genysis, Pulp miniatures from Thrilling Tales to Victorian Steam Punk, Frost Grave, loads of new Ancients from Warlords and Victrix, more Perry Napoleonics than you can poke a stick at, Bucket loads more Bolt Action releases as well as Minarions Spanish Civil War and Plastic Soldier Companies full 15mm and 20mm Plastics ranges. Go have squiz at our latest stock uploads :)

18/04/15 - Fernvale Speciality Scenics - We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with Glynn of Fernvale Scenics fame to take over the daily operations of his magnificent terrain and resin business. The change over will take a few months, but please fell free to browse the site here, although orders may have delays just presently.

18/04/15 - Outland Games - The first production molds from Outland Games Great Northern War 25mm range has arrived. There are Swedes and Russians a plenty. Check here for ordering these lovely figures!

18/04/15 - Left Bank Workshops  - Siege is proud to announce that we have now made an agreement with Dave from Left Bank Workshops to look after the daily running of of his marvelous range of War of Austrian Succession 28/30mm miniatures. We are now busily trying to sort out the 50+ molds so that we can offer them on the website and shops.